Do You Want a More Efficient HVAC System?

Do You Want a More Efficient HVAC System?

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Switch to a zoned HVAC system for a heating and cooling unit that works more efficiently. Central Davidson Heating and Cooling offers HVAC zone control systems in & around Lexington & Salisbury, NC. Most HVAC systems have only one thermostat in the hallway. We can put electric dampers in your system to split up the ductwork and add a thermostat. This allows you to balance the temperature of each room in your home for a more consistent indoor comfort.

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3 benefits of a zoned HVAC system

Adjust your HVAC system so that it works better for your home. Here are three benefits of an HVAC zone control system:

  1. Balance the heat and cool air throughout your home: You can keep the upstairs and downstairs at a consistent temperature.
  2. Make your system more efficient: An energy-efficient HVAC system saves you money on your energy bills.
  3. Regulate certain areas of the house: Restrict the temperature in parts of your home that aren't used often.
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